1. Details of Organization/ Expertise of the Firm:


1.1. Firm’s Background


The ALFAJRE was created in 2007 with the provision of all engineering services in studies, auditing and oversight of implementation and consulting in all areas of Business systems and business development using IT solutions. Using ICT to get target in business.

AlFajre company aims to employ technology at the highest levels of efficiency and to transform the available data into information that informs decision makers and departments in making higher quality decisions based on the results of analysis of this information, Or in making strategic decisions that have a significant impact on the way and how this institution works. This is what business intelligence means, which is an application that aims to achieve greater profitability and better business results in a more competitive society.

AlFajre deploy Business Intelligence concept in scope of :

  • Monitoring, evaluation and improvement of business
  • Key performance indicators,
  • SWOT analysis and strategic planning
  • System analysis and process management
  • Automated business management
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Know the most profitable products (Product Profitability)
  • Risk Management,
  • Know the cost of business activities (Activity Based Costing)
  • Operations of product and service support,
  • Forecasting
  • Project management (all phases)
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • System monitoring and development
  • Business and IT services life cycle development
  • Services monitoring and evaluation
  • Training

AlFajre policy focuses on understanding the highly competitive work environment, which has become more complex as a result of its continuous rapid change, trying to anticipate the future direction of the business, identifying opportunities to invest or risks that It should be avoided in trying to improve the position within the business environment or at least continue to compete.

To achieve this, AlFajre uses ICT  to get benefits from online data gathered from many sources of high quality value related to the same field of work and reliable data from multiple sources, and to apply the lessons learned  gained to improve the quality of decisions to be taken. The success of AlFajre systems depends on their efficiency in ensuring the accuracy, quality, validity, timeliness and utilization of the information and data used to obtain information and expertise that contribute to improving the working methods of achieving the best.

Steps adopted in the company to follow up, evaluate and improve the business:

  • Setting the objectives of the business
  • Web based application design
  • Collecting necessary data and information
  • Use of data and information analysis tools
  • Develop procedures to improve the performance of Business Process Management, and measure the improvement of performance
  • Reports with visual analyzes with illustrative charts Dashboard, Scorecard.
  • Generate reports as needed OLAP

AlFajre includes a very broad field of technology of different types, which combine to form an intelligent system that serves the business to develop its current capabilities to implement and develop the current strategy to serve the objectives.

The ALFAJRE is divided to many sections specialist in all the areas mentioned above and each section is supervised by a distinguished university professor or expert known for his expertise in addition to high-class group of experts in all disciplines with a number of engineers & experts working in the projects, more than 50 employees.

By time ALFAJRE expanded its business sectors to human resources, procurement, economy sectors.

Now, ALFAJRE consists of the following departments:

  • Projects management (include M&E)
  • Business Development Department
  • Financial Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Risk Management Department

Because of business growth, ALFAJRE formed its internal policies and formed its board.

Since ALFAJRE has many projects in all governorates in Syria, it created some branches and has many representatives around all the country.

ALFAJRE business concept is based on the philosophy of projects, so it hasn't a big number of employees but has employees for the project that works on it.

Current situation:

ALFAJRE was created in Lattakia Governorate with branches in other governorates, but with time and because of business growth the HQ office was in Damascus, another offices related to HQ in rural Damascus in Lattakia and Jaramana.

Most of our employees are high educated or certified.

We manage our business in standard way to comply with international and local standards.

Because of current crisis in the country, we build a network of experts and employees for projects in each governorates, at least 50% of them are female.


We have good relationships with the majority of universities and economic sector and their instructors and experts, so as a results we have a big database of most qualified candidates who prefer to work with us. The social factors and our understanding of the nature of each governorate helped us to get the trust of all customers. In sometimes, for some specific reasons we operate our projects through our local partners which give us competitive advantages more than sending employees from other governorates.


One of ALFAJRE projects is Shamra (shamra.sy) (the first search engine over internet in Arab country helped us to work in different domains) which was developed for Business intelligence company, and ALFAJRE provides management services related to the project requirements through all the governorates.


Each service we deliver is based on service life cycle philosophy, and its output must be measured.

All our works are IT based with international standard (fully computerized) using MIS system to ensure the best follow up of our works. In our offices through governorates  there  are ICT facilities, meeting room  and  the personnel are provided with closed group mobile phone.

Internally, we use the M&E concepts over all management levels, which helped us to implement the projects within the needed time, budget and targets.


We designed our network to have at least one office in each governorate which include all facilities to get the good results, the facilities include electricity means, phone, fax, photocopier, printers, cars,..etc


Now, in our expertise network (the number is different from one governorate to another):

  • More than 50 consultants/support personnel in engineering sectors
  • More than 30 consultants/support personnel in economic sectors
  • More than 30 consultants/support personnel in management sectors
  • More than 70 consultants/support personnel in other sectors

We ensure that we can provide you within the mentioned time with the needed  consultants/support personnel for any project in any needed domain.

Because of the current crisis in Syria, ALFAJRE adopted the backup policies in HR, systems and facilities which resulted in zero point of failure, and it will propose to UNDP such philosophy providing UNDP backup personnel for force major cases. This polices are applied at all our current over country implemented projects.

One of the good points about Alfajre, is that we have a flexible structure and agile methodology fully based on ICT, and we had a big success in big development projects (Shamra) during the crisis where many big companies disappeared, where Shamra supported and empowered Syrian Youth and persons  and created more than 2000 electronic work opportunities through electric trading. attached you may find envelop about our biggest projects brochures which is established by us and ALFAJRE is the Monitoring company responsible to guide manage the project.

1.2. Financial situation

We attached Audited Financial Statements of the past two years that is 2015 and 2016 . ALFAJRE is supported by many experts and it invests in human knowledge so normally it needs less financial resources.

The ALFAJRE management team decided to go ahead with growth so it started many projects outside the country.

هنا تجدون لمحة عن معهد الفجر للتدريب الحرفي، جبلة، العمارة، الشارع الرئيسي، هاتف ٨٢٢٠٩٢

التأسيس: تأسس المركز في عام 2001 في مدينة جبلة كمركز للمعلوماتية و التدريب الحرفي يقدم كافة الخدمات المتعلقة بمجال الحاسب و المعلوماتية و توسع نشاطه ليشمل التدريب على مختلف المهن الحرفية بالإضافة إلى ترخيص مركز امتحاني للحصول على ICDL و قسم خاص للاستشارات الهندسية و الادارية و التدريب و التطوير .

المعهد مرخص كمركز حرفي للتدريب على المهن الحرفية و على برامج الحاسوب من وزارة الصناعة و هو عضو في جمعية مراكز الكمبيوتر في محافظة اللاذقية و التابعة لاتحاد الحرفيين .

العنوان : جبلة – شارع العمارة الرئيسي- مقابل حلويات أبو اللبن

هاتف 822092-809976 موبايل : 0932762693

البريد الالكتروني :عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

يقدم المعهد الخدمات التالية :

الخدمات التي يقدمها المركز و الدورات التي قام بها

التدريب  على المهن التالية

صيانة الحاسوب – صيانة الموبايل – لف المحركات- التمديدات الكهربائية – التبريد و التكييف

كهرباء السيارات – صيانة  الأجهزة الالكترونية – برمجة المتحكمات و PLC-الحلاقة النسائية و الرجالية- التجميل للسيدات – التدريب على مهن النجارة و الحدادة – التدريب على أعمال الديكور و الدهان – التدريب على أعمال الصحية – التدريب على حرف الفنون النسوية و التطبيقية و منها الصوف و الكروشيه و أعمال السيراميك – التدريب على تفصيل و خياطة الملابس و الحقائب – التدريب على تصميم الأزياء-التدريب على صناعة الحلي و الإكسسوار ... و غيرها .
تدريس البرامج التالية :

ICDL- كافة البرامج الهندسية – تطبيقات أوفيس – نظم التشغيل – الشبكات – برامج الغرافيك و الرسوميات – الماتلاب – المحاسبة – برنامج الأمين –برامج التصميم باستخدام الحاسب – لغات البرمجة – برمجة تطبيقات الهواتف المحمولة – تطبيقات الويب

التدريب على مهارات الحياة و ريادة الأعمال